Monday, March 19, 2018

Playlist of the week

I just started counting down the days for my next trip to Chicago. I am going to Chicago to see Nightwish. Great excuse to go to my favorite city. Plus I have no way of getting to Maplewood outside of ride-sharing apps if I was going to their show at The Myth. I figured going to Chicago would be much easier in the sense that I can hope on the L train (the red line) to the Aragon Ballroom which is not far from the train.

With less than two weeks to go I have been updating my Nightwish playlist to prepare myself for my trip. I hope one day Tuomas will have the band's earlier albums available for streaming. In the meantime I will settle for their new compilation album Decades. It is two CDs of their greatest hits with their past and present singers, all remastered. I also have thrown in a few tracks from their live albums.  All three singers are well represented I think.

Songs to check out:
"Ever Dream" [Live at Wacken 2013]
"Amaranth" [Live at Wacken 2013]

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