Friday, March 9, 2018

My current favorite songs of the week

Happy Friday to all! It has been a long hideous week for me but on the upside of things, I have pre-ordered the new Autumn album Chandelier (digital version) via bandcamp. There is a new song available to listen to called "Beginnings". Of course I loved it. I really dug the psychedelic/rock vibe. From what I have read online, according to Julie there will be CD copies available (just a matter of when and where). March 23 can't get here soon enough which is when the album comes out.

Still on my dreampop kick so I have included tunes by My Bloody Valentine and Slowdive. I also threw in some oldies but goodies by the likes of Diary of Dreams, Hanzel und Gretyl, Chandeen, and Berlin.

Just heard a new EDM track featuring Hydrah called "Dreamcatcher" by OMAIR. I have only listened to the song once but I certainly liked what I had heard. Not an EDM fan but it is a solid track and I do like Hydrah and whatever she puts out. Good collaboration.

If you haven't heard the new Cesium 137 album Rise to Conquer, please go listen to it. I think  their new album is their best effort to date. My current favorite song off the album is "Shiver".

This week I have been listening a lot to the new Cindy Wilson album Change. It is a damn good album. It is really nice to hear Cindy be the front and center on every track. One of the songs on her album that stood out with me is "Mystic" which I have included on my playlist.

Sade has a new song out for the A Wrinkle in Time soundtrack. It is a gorgeous ballad. Sade could sing the phone book and I would still listen to her sing.

Songs to check out:
"Beginnings" by Autumn
"Dreamcatcher"by OMAIR featuring Hydrah
"Fire Drills" by Dessa
"Masquerade" by Berlin
"Mystic" by Cindy Wilson
"Be Gone" by Sally Dige
"Shiver" by Cesium 137

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