Friday, March 16, 2018

My current favorite songs of the week

Happy Friday! Here is this week's playlist of my current favorite songs. Most of the songs on this week consists of older tracks but I have included a few more recent tracks from the past 12 months.

I found out this week that Death Valley Girls will be opening up for L7 on their upcoming tour so of course I had to check out their music on  Spotify. Their music isn't as fast or aggressive as L7's music is but I think they are a good choice to open up for the band. In my dream, I would have loved to have seen either Babes in Toyland, Bruise Violet, or Kitten Forever  open up for L7. Obviously that isn't happening. That said I am excited to see Death Valley Girls live as well as L7. "Disco" is my favorite song by DVG.

One of my favorite local bands Promidal has their most recent album available on Spotify. "All Hallows Eve" is probably my favorite song by the black metal band. I have watched this band for quite some time and have seen them evolve into the band they are today. They are a really fun band to see live.

Nightwish as a new compilation out now called Decades which features songs from all their past and present singers. I apologize for being petty here but at least Nightwish didn't go through five singers in less than a decade unlike a certain symphonic metal band.  Despite the turmoil which led to Tarja and Anette's departures from the band, Tuomas has some common human decency to simply remaster their songs and not re-record them with Floor's vocals. According to Tuomas, it would have been disrespectful for the singers at the time to re-record them. I am glad there are quite a few tracks featuring Tarja. Her voice is what attracted me to Nightwish's music. I really hope their earlier albums will be uploaded on to Spotify.

I have to admit, Extraordinary Ways by Conjure One hasn't always been my favorite C1 album but in recent months I have come to appreciate the album. My favorite song off the album is "Pilgrimage". Really glad I got to see them live once.

Still digging the new albums by Cindy Wilson, Cigarettes After Sex, and Brandi Carlile. I just wish the timing of Cindy Wilson's gig at The Turf Club wasn't near the date of my Chicago trip. Her album Change gets daily play on my tablet via Spotify.  Same can be said about Cigarettes After Sex's show which is like a few days near L7's show at First Avenue.  Hopefully one day I will get to see Brandi Carlile live. The more I listen to her music, the more I really want to see her live at least once in my lifetime.

I hate that I can't be at any of the shows Autumn is playing this weekend and can't get my grubby  hands on a early copy of their third album Chandelier. One more week left. I did pre-order a digital copy of the album. In the meantime, been listening a lot to my favorite Autumn album The Hating Tree.

All this week (and last week) I have been on a Chandeen kick, namely with their album Blood Red Skies. Forever and Ever used to be my favorite Chandeen album but now it is Blood Red Skies. I do still love Forever and Ever though. Current favorite song  "Rabbit, Run".

Songs to check out:
"Tempest" by Cesium 137
"All Hallows Eve" by Promidal
"Things I'd Like to Say" by Cindy Wilson
"Rabbit, Run" by Chandeen
"Mother" by Brandi Carlile

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