Saturday, March 3, 2018

Albums and playlists I am currently listening to

It is that time again when I list all the music I have been listening to this week. I have been a big dreampop/shoegaze kick this week when I put together my dreampop playlist together. I have been listening to it daily at work and at home. I also created a new playlist this week of my favorite pop songs from the last few decades. It is a nice break from what I usually listen to at work on a daily basis.

In the process of putting that playlist together, I discovered the joyous sounds of Cigarettes After Sex and The Fauns, two new finds for me. Not sure what is happening with The Fauns but Cigarettes After Sex has a show at First Ave coming up next month. I really love their album. It is sooooooo chill. Still debating whether to go to it or not an to take the following day off but I have to take days off for my trip to Chicago and the day off after the L7 concert. I also have taken to listening to Tashaki Miyaki's The Dream again. The album is so damn good. They did an odd yet delightful cover of Missy Elliot's "I Can't Stand the Rain" which I included on my dreampop playlist.

It goes without saying I am literally counting down the goddamn days until Autumn's third album Chandelier comes out. Been listening to their music constantly. That is a given. LOL! Damn shame I won't be able to go to their show in Chicago when they open up for CoX because I already have plans to be in the city the following weekend for Nightwish. They better set up a show for Minneapolis this summer. It has been year since I last saw them live.

I swear it never ceases to amaze me how many bands there are out there with the word "autumn" in it. If you have a Spotify account, enter the word "autumn" in its search engine. The results is quite amusing. I started to re-listen to the new Frozen Autumn album The Fellow Traveler and The Autumn Tear's latest EP The Origin of Sleep.

Frozen Autumn's music I would describe as coldwave. I have neglected this album on my part with since I didn't listen to it until the end of last year and I was getting ready to put together my annual best of list. It is a great album. I so recommend checking it out.

Autumn Tears is an American neo-classical goth/darkwave band from Billerica, Massachusetts. I just discovered the band this year. Their music is more suited for me to listen to at home than at work but from what I have listened to, I really enjoyed what I had heard. The Origin of Sleep is the band's first new release in a decade.

I really wanted to put the new Arch Enemy album Will to Power on my best of 2017 list last year but the album didn't have the same impact War Eternal did. After not listening to it for a few months, I decided to give it another shot. The album is pretty good but still no War Eternal.

Earlier this week I decided to listen to the latest Steps album Tears On the Dancefloor. I had it saved on my Spotify album section for some time now. Finally got around to listen to it. While the UK pop band's music has never been considered high art, I liked a good deal of their pop music. Apparently the group reformed recently. Anyways I found myself enjoying their new album (especially the deluxe edition which I think is much better). The group still sounds the same. Claire and Faye clearly has the best voices in the group (I have no idea why H and Lee are there). While I didn't like all the songs on Tears On the Dancefloor, the album still has some good solid pop songs. I absolutely love their cover of Benny Andersson Band's Story of a Heart. So the group itself sounds totally like ABBA on this particular track which is why I love it so much but then again Steps always did have that ABBA influence in their pop sound since they came out in 1997.



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