Friday, March 23, 2018

My current favorite songs

Happy Friday!

In case you hadn't heard (yeah right ;)), Autumn - U.S band released their third album Chandelier today. It was so well worth the wait. I bought hard copy of the album via their bandcamp page. Yeah, I have two copies, a digital and soon a CD of the album. I have spent most of my work day listening to the album and Autumn's other albums.  I will probably get the album via google for my phone so I can ride the bus listening to it while running errands on the weekend and drown out the morons on the bus.  I won't get into the album too much here but I can say the album is really amazing an the band did not disappoint me. The one song that truly stood out for me on the entire album is "Just Before the Storm" which is just Julie and a piano. It is a beautiful track.  I will get into the album on a different blog post.

This week I have been listening to a lot of Nightwish in anticipation of my trip to Chicago a week from tomorrow. Right now I found myself in love with "Ghost Love Score" from Once. It is a very long song but with Tarja on vocals, the song just goes by very quickly. I do love the live version with Floor Jansen on the Showtime, Storytime live concert album from 2013 which was a great introduction to Floor as the band's new singer. I like both versions. I have to admit Tarja really nails the song with her operatic vocals. Can hardly wait to see Floor and company live again.

I am still enjoying the Cesium 137, Cigarettes After Sex, and Cindy Wilson albums I bought last weekend. They are so good. I honestly wish the timing of the CAS and Cindy Wilson shows here in the Twin Cities were not so close to either the L7 show or my trip to Chicago. I would be at those shows hands down. I have included links at the bottom where people can stream/buy their albums.

This week I started listening to some new artists (to me) by the likes of Ash CodeVoid VisionBoy Harsher, and Japanese Breakfast. Of the four, Ash Code, Void Vision and Boy Harsher's music resonated with me much more than Japanese Breakfast. I really dig the latter trio's coldwave sounds.  Not too sure what to make of the experimental indie rock sounds of Japanese Breakfast but I don't think it was awful. Just different and perhaps needs more time to grow on me. I do like the song "Machinist" quite a bit which I added to the mix.  I included a link Japanese Breakfast's bandcamp page in case anyone is curious enough to check out their sound.

Earlier this week, I dug up an old favorite song of mine from high school "Hero in Me" by Jeffrey Gaines. I almost forgot how much I loved that song. It is a beautiful ballad.  I miss those days when Cities97 didn't play crappy commercial music and on repeat throughout the day.

Been chilling out to some Azure Ray and Chandeen this week. I really need to listen to more of their music this weekend.

Cosmic Armchair has a new EP out Cannonballs. Really dug the Avarice in Audio remix which I put on this week's playlist.

Songs to check out:
"Just Before the Storm" by Autumn
"Sleep" by Azure Ray
"Echoes" by Chandeen
"Stand Back Time" by Cindy Wilson
"It's Time to Face the Abyss: by Ash Code
"Cannonballs" [Avarice in Audio Mix] by Cosmic Armchair
"Sour" by Void Vision

Some bands worth checking out:
Cigarettes After Sex:
Cindy Wilson:
Cesium 137:
Japanese Breakfast:
Void Vision:
Boy Harsher:
Ash Code:
The Fauns:

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