Friday, March 30, 2018

My current favorite songs of the week

TGIF! It has been long week but the weekend is finally here and I will be heading out of town for a couple of days to see Nightwish in Chicago. I have been waiting for this trip since last summer before it went to hell in a hand basket for me. I will tweet the occasional youtube clip and maybe some photos from the Nightwish show but otherwise no blogging from me until I get back on Monday.

As hard as I tried, I found it immensely difficult to set aside Autumn's new album Chandelier so I could listen to other music. I am completely hooked on the long awaited release from Autumn. That and my trip to Chicago were the only things that kept me going for the last several months. The wait was so worth it. I couldn't help but include a couple of tracks from the album. I love how "Beginnings" kicks off Chandelier with its upbeat tempos and positive energy. This track is just what I have been needing to hear for a long time. The other song I have included on the album is "At Summer's End". I have been listening to that song constantly all day long. Some of the lyrics really hit home with me:
I will never be whole again.
I will never be home again.
I will never know home again.
It's just my sweet misfortune
These lyrics really describe how I feel after the trauma I experienced over the summer. Since those unmentionable events, I honestly haven't felt like myself. When my father passed away, that just made things worse for me.

For some odd reason I never understood why I never listened to Rhea's Obsession but this week I finally got around to checking out that band. This was because of a FB ad about the lead singer from Rhea's Obsession working on a solo album for Metropolis Records this quickly got my curiosity piqued. I absolutely loved what I had heard. Also got around to listening to more Chandeen this week however as much as I love their music, it is too mellow to listen to while at work but at home their music is awesome to relax too.

It has been so long but I listened to Lustre by Claire Voyant. I forgot how good that album is, not to mention the band in general. I miss Claire Voyant. They had a really great sound.

On the more upbeat side, I have thrown in a couple of Psy'Aviah tracks (new and old), Junksista, Kirlian Camera, and Colony 5.

I also couldn't help but thrown in some cheesy pop songs. Why not? LOL!

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