Saturday, August 11, 2018

Albums and playlists I am currently listening to

As always been listening to my standby faves by the likes of Autumn, Hanzel und Gretyl, Blume, Helalyn Flowers, Sleepthief, and Kirlian Camera who all have put out some fantastic music this year. I can hardly wait for the new albums by Helix (Tom Shear's new project with Mari Kattman who has released two solo albums and have collaborated with Yves for his Psy'Aviah project) Ashbury Heights. You can check out samples of the new Helix album on their SoundCloud page. The music sounds amazing.

Friday (i.e yesterday) was a very good day, some new music dropped and I had no idea about it until I saw them on my Spotify app on my tablet. Solitary Experiments released their new EP Crash and Burn and MNYNMS with their EP Bind. Both I absolutely adore and recommend for my readers to check them out. There is an instrumental track on Crash and Burn called "ANACHRON" that reminds me so much of VNV Nation. I also discovered some new bands Daily Planet (Swedish synthpop) and Actors (post-punk band from Vancouver, B.C). Both bands sounds great but I am really loving the sounds of Daily Planet in particular. They remind me a bit of my other favorite Swedish synthpop band Moonlight Cove.

I recently decided to start over from scratch on my best of 2018 (so far) playlist. I felt it was getting bloated by adding more than one song from my favorite 2018 albums.  I also have been re-editing my Random Mix playlists too just to break up the monotony.



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